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     As the owner of the establishment, you are the magician.  Making things run smoothly, working out any personality conflicts, and getting word of your business' existence out to your audience are your key responsibilities.  At times it seems like a thankless job.  But at the end of the day you know that without you, there would be no business.  If it's a big success, you get the credit.  If there are problems, you end up with the blame.

   Treat your clients like guests in your home, and treat your employees like members of your family.  Just remember, there is nothing worse than an unhappy employee.  They are like a poison that spreads and infects everyone over time.  Don't just think that things will get better by themselves.  Either work with the employee to find out if the issues can be resolved or let them know that you think they might be better off elsewhere.  If you treat your employees well, they will be your star advertisements.  By helping them to grow into the best professionals that they can be, they will reward you with good attitudes and a happy environment for your clients. Clients can feel when the person giving them the treatment is content in their job.  It makes for a wonderful experience that they will be sure to tell their friends about.

     Atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere.  Present a clean and attractive environment and you're half way there.  Nowadays more than ever, your clients come to you to get away from stress.  They want a place that immediately says to them, take off your shoes and relax.  This is not true in every case.  There are those that want a high paced frenetic environment.  But for the majority, stress-reduction is a valuable commodity that is not easy to find unless it is thoughtfully created. Think of each of the five senses and supply what they need, every day.  Make your clients feel like guests in your home the minute they walk in the door.  Your receptionist is your host.  It's imperative that she welcomes your guests not only with a warm smile and words of welcome, but also with the offer of some sort of refreshment.  These are the little things that win over your clients to your salon.  You never know what the future holds for your employees, they may have to move to another local spa.  If you have provided a wonderful experience for your clients, they will be more apt to stay and find someone else.  If your clients do follow the employee to the other spa, it's just a sign that you hired a wonderful employee. Wish them well.  Down the road, you will be remembered as that nice owner that treats everyone well.  And good employees will seek you out because of your professionalism. 

    Share the wealth.  Give your employees what they deserve.  If you demand high prices for the services that you offer, keep in mind who is actually performing those services, and share generously. Give more to those that have more experience or are setting a good example to the others.  It's almost impossible to keep employee salaries secret. So by not having a set percentage you give everyone something to aspire to. The salon owner does not make the huge income that your employees think , but they do know that they work hard and should be compensated.  Perhaps reward your star employee-of-the-month with a basket of products or a special beauty treatment.  By letting your employees receive treatments now and then they will not only feel appreciated, it will remind them of how important it is to feel like a client.  There's no better lesson than to be on the other side of the service. In fact, encourage your employees to do service trading.  Remember, the more well groomed they are, the better you look!

     Let everyone know about your spa.  Sure, everyone in a ten mile radius may have heard about how wonderful your place is, but what about the out-of-towners?  That's where the Internet comes in.  You never know who's learning about you.  There are many people that will be visiting your area on a vacation and they are looking at web sites to find out where to go on their visit.  Destination Spas are hot right now.  The first thing that people want to do when they begin any vacation is to unwind and relax.  Whether they are able to spend the night at your spa or not, be visible to the weary traveler.  Advertise on your own web site and get into search engines under any key words or phrases that you think someone would put into their search.  What about those few people in your local area that haven't heard of you yet?  Many of them have computers.  They too want to know where to go to get a good treatment.  This is your opportunity to advertise for a very low price.  If you had to reach these potential clients with the traditional methods you would have to shell out the big bucks.  And even then, most people would see your ad, and then toss it out with the trash.  When you are on the Internet, your ad stays there for as long as you want.  Depending on how creative and descriptive you are, you can reach millions of people with one web site!

     Let SharAmbrosia's Beauty Biz Domains help.  We specialize in helping beauty professionals like you.  If you are serious about your image, let us help you find the perfect domain name for your business.  We have premium domain names which we sell at competitive prices such as or  Or if you want to find your own name, we can help you with that as well.  Just click on our "Choose your own Domain Name" area of the site.  You can play to your heart's content until you find the perfect name that will be remembered by your clients and future clients. After you choose your domain name, all you have to do is renew it for a small annual fee. (Or for whatever time period you'd like, up to ten years at a time.)  Add e mail and web site services for an additional fee.  You can be "" or "" Remember, there is only one of each name available, and when they are gone, they're gone. The pay-off for having a great domain name is huge.  It's an initial expenditure that you cannot afford to do without.  Don't miss out.

     We wish you all the best with your business.

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