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     If you want to know someone's age or level of health, look at their skin.  Estheticians play an important part in the salon and spa.  Good skincare is not a priority to everyone.  Many people feel that they can use soap and water and their skin will be just fine.  It takes a skincare professional to point out to these people the difference between washing the face and taking proper care of the skin. Don't just wait for clients to book appointments with you before you tell them the facts about proper skincare.  Be a teacher.  Talk to clients that have come in for hair or nail services about facials.  Explain how the skin doesn't take care of itself.  When we stay out of the sun, get enough sleep, use the right products, the skin stays better longer, period.  If you believe that (which we know you do or you wouldn't have chosen to go into this line of work) then others will feel your sincerity and take you up on your offer to receive a facial from you.  It's a very personal service and many clients are fearful of being exposed for their skin flaws or their lack of knowledge.  You must be patient and thoughtful.  Clients look to you not only for guidance, but nurturing as well.  Once they open up to you and receive one of your treatments, they will feel secure, and will be one of your best advertisements.

     The other half of what you give them is relaxation. You not only cleanse and beautify your clients' skin, you nourish their souls as well.  If you are truly giving the optimum facial treatment, your clients will feel like they've experienced a taste of heaven.  Make sure that you offer them all that they need to get away from their usual day to day existence.  Light candles, have soothing music, and never talk unless it's absolutely necessary.  Many skincare product lines will tell you that this is the time to sell your client products.  We disagree.  If you schedule time for talking to your client about her skin, you'll have time to talk either before or after her treatment. Your client left the telemarketers at home to come and relax, not to get a sales pitch!  If you are credible about really caring for them, and hopefully you are, they will feel your sincerity and listen to whatever you have to say.  Just make sure not to say it at the wrong time. 

     Skincare professionals are notorious givers.  You give and give without remembering to give to yourself.  Make sure to get some pampering yourself.  When you fill up your own vessel you have more to give out.  Also, being the kind and gentle spirit that you are, you sometimes forget to advertise your services.  Maybe the owner of your spa does the advertising for you.  But if you are an independent contractor, you should make sure that you have a web presence.  Salons come and go, but if you think of your boss as your partner, and your client as your boss, you will have clients that stay with you wherever you go.  Let them know right up front that you have a web site address or at least an e mail address.  You may move several times throughout your relationship with your clients, but if you keep renewing your domain name, you'll always be found by them.  That's why a memorable name will pay off.  "YourName".com would be a natural choice.  But what about a name like or  These are names that make you stand out.  SharAmbrosia has many premium domain names that we have purchased with you, the beauty professional in mind.  Domain names are here to stay, and they are being bought up by the thousands every day.  When they're gone, they will be gone.  Now is your chance to get a great name.  If you don't see the perfect name under our list of Premium Domain Names, go to our "Choose your own Domain Name" area of the site.  Put in your choice of names until you find just the right one. 

     Once you have your own domain name, you become a powerful source of information for your clients.  Teach them in depth how to cleanse their faces.  Talk about the benefits of using the products that you sell.  It's a lot better for them to read about the benefits on their own time rather than during their facial.  Maybe you'd like to have a Frequently Asked Questions section.  You can encourage them to e mail you with any further questions that they may have.  You will be there for them 24 hours a day, even if you only read your e mail once a day!  They will be quite appreciative, you'll see. 

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