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     You are the one that puts the icing on the cake.  It's her big moment, she came to you because she wants to shine.  You do what you do because you an artist.  You take pride in your work so you make sure that it is perfect. Everyone is happy, she's beautiful and away she goes, out the door to her function, on stage for her performance, or in front of the camera for her shoot.  You are a master of what you do and you know that you are good.

     Now it's time for more business.  You know that you are great at what you do, so where are the clients?  Are you waiting for them to have a special occasion?  Are you advertising especially to photographers or models?  Either way, if you want more business you've got to start with the Internet.  More of your potential clients are there already, looking for you!  The first step is to get a great domain name. Half of the advertising is done for you if you have a catchy, appropriate name.  This is where SharAmbrosia's Beauty Biz Domains can help you.  We have purchased some of the best domain names with you in mind.  We have names like,,  and that are still available.  Or you can use your own creativity and come up with your own domain name at our 'Choose your own Domain Name' area of our site.  Come up with something that describes you and your services so they'll remember where to go the next time they want to look beautiful.  The next step will be to add email services and web hosting.  We can help you with that as well.  Sell your work by putting photos of past clients on your site.  Your web site can be an advertisement that can work for you night and day, seven days a week.  Let us help you become the star that you are!

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