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Welcome Beauty Professionals!  To be memorable on the Internet you must have a great domain name.   We offer Premium Domain Names, and Choose Your Own domains.  We even have a list of "Natural Beauty Domains".  We also offer  Internet services that will help you to become  as successful as you want to be.  You'll enjoy our  Professional Tips.  We've hand picked some of the finest Links around. See our Specials.  Find a Beauty School.  Need Professional Beauty Supplies? Remember us for the success of your beauty career.  [Enter]

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 An Open Letter To Beauty Professionals from Sharon Houghton, Director of BeautyBizDomains

To those just starting out:

     I'd like to welcome you into the beauty business!  This industry has been very good to me and I'd like to share some of what I've learned with you.  Make sure to read our "Professional Tips".  It's filled with excellent tips for becoming the beauty professional that you are meant to be.

  If anyone needs a great beauty domain name it's you, and you need it now!  Domain names are getting more in demand as more of us get on the Internet.  It will be increasingly more difficult to get a great name the longer you wait.  We have some of the very best premium beauty domain names, at the very best prices.  Get your domain now and it can be with you for the entire length of your career.

The reason to get a great domain name is "memorability".  You can move many times throughout your career.  Sometimes you can be working at a beauty spa one day, and the spa is no longer in business the next.  If you have a great beauty domain, your clients will always have a way of reaching you.

Just like big companies use "branding" techniques, such as a logo or spokesperson, you need to brand yourself.  A great domain name is part of your branding formula.  Always include it into anything that you give your clients.  It's much easier to remember a great domain name than a telephone number! Have it displayed on your station so that your clients remember you and your domain name.  Even if they are not on the Internet yet, they will be!

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To the seasoned pros:

     Massage therapists, hair designers, make-up artists, aestheticians, manicurists, spa owners - To be a true beauty professional you need true 'Beauty Promotion'.

When I started out in the beauty business, beauty schools were teaching that "beauty marketing" meant having a business card.  Today it means having a Web presence.  Not only do you have to get a great domain name, you need a web site along with e-mail services.  Have your own little island on the Internet, where your clients can go to find out everything that you want them to know.

Sometimes we can get too caught up in our regular day spa and beauty salon activities to remember to tell each client about something that is important to us.  By having your own web site, your important information will always be available to them.  Make sure to make it interesting and ever-evolving so that  they will enjoy returning often.  Perhaps you can add regular specials and drawings to add interest.

The best premium beauty domains are going fast.  Don't miss your chance to own one.  We have an entire section of our site devoted to choosing your own domain name.  This area explains everything that you've ever wanted to know about domain names, and web site and e-mail services.  Just come to our: "Choose Your Own Domain" area to find out more.  To look at our premium beauty domains come to: our "Index" section.  Don't fear change, embrace it.  That is what true growth is all about! 

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To manufacturers and retailers of beauty products:

     Promotion is a very important step in getting your products into the hands of those that need them.  Advertising on the Internet is where it's at today.  The price of advertising on television is astronomical.  Whereas you can reach millions by putting your beauty services or products on the Web, for a fraction of the cost.  The playing field levels out on the Internet.  By having a web site you can be a one-person operation and have the power of several.  Creating your own web site is not as difficult as you may think.  You don't have to be a computer whiz to do it.  We have different packages available so that you can try your hand at it.  Come to our "Choose Your Own Domain Name" area to see your options.  You'll also find a very helpful FAQ section there.

We have wonderful "Premium Beauty Domains" to choose from.  You'll also want e-mail services to go along with your web site so that you can keep in touch with your customers.  "Beauty Promotion" is what it's all about when you want to sell your products.  We have everything that you need to establish your products' presence on the Internet.




To each of you:


 I sincerely thank you for coming to our Beauty Biz Domains web site.  Your success is our goal.  Relax back and absorb the information on this site.  Being in the beauty business has been a wonderful experience for me as I hope it is, and will be, for you.

  You can make it whatever you want it to be.  Your future depends only on you and the choices that you make.  I wish you the very best!


Sharon Houghton, Owner of SharAmbrosia  and Director of BeautyBizDomains .com



"Finding a catchy name for your beauty business is the key.  The Internet is your doorway to success  "




hair designers, estheticians, make-up artists,  manicurists, massage therapists, spa owners, spa business, all natural beauty business, product manufacturers.

  It's time to enjoy your own "beauty success"!

Your future starts now.


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