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   You have a big impact on your client's daily lives.  Make up washes off, but a great hair cut stays with your client until the next time they see you.  You are as good as your last cut.  So make sure that it counts.  Between the time they see you, and the next appointment, they will have encountered many people.  If you give each client your very best perm, cut, or color treatment, chances are good that you will sell your services to people in your area that you have never even met.  Word of mouth is a wonderful advertisement. 

     Have a clear vision of how you want to be perceived.   Just like big companies use branding, so should you.  Probably the best advertisement that your client can give to someone else is to refer to you as  professional.  It conjures up feelings of confidence.  Hair is so important to someone's image.  When she has confidence in her hairstylist, there's no greater satisfaction.  She will feel free to recommend you with pride.

     Have an internet presence.  Today, more than ever, the internet is becoming a tool for finding information.  By having a web site where your clients can reach you 24/7, you allow them access to you without having to be face to face.  You can relax and enjoy your off-time while your clients, as well as future clients, are learning about you and your services on-line. Sell yourself.  Put photos of your work, your thoughts on the trends, talk about why you use the products that you use, give styling tips.  There is so much information that your clients are seeking, it might as well be you that gives it to them.  There is only so much time that you can spend with each client.  Give them a chance to get to know you even better, any time they want. 

     Be memorable.  The internet equals the playing field with the big boys.  Little you can have a huge presence by having the right domain name. Your domain name is your calling card.  Sure "Your Name".com might be the best choice if they already know you.  But maybe it has already been taken, or maybe it won't have the same impact as "" or another domain name that you are able to find that is not taken.  Remember, there is only one of each name in each top level domain (.com, .net, .us etc...)   SharAmbrosia's BeautyBizDomain's can help you find the best name that your clients will remember.  We have some of the best names available at the lowest prices.  We have premium names that we have purchased, and can be bought by you. Or you can play with different names yourself at our "Choose Your Own Domain Name" area until you come up with the perfect name.  It doesn't need to be a .com name.  We feel that the key to your success is having a memorable name. All you have to do is renew the name annually or up to ten years at a time at a low fee, and it's yours for life.   

     Once you have your domain name, the sky's the limit.  If you stick to the guidelines that we have set up regarding being professional, and you work in a professional atmosphere, there is no reason why you cannot be a success in the beauty business.  Each of our domain names may be purchased with e mail and/or web site services for additional fees.  You can be "YourName", or any number of combinations.  Take the time to return your e mails, update your web site, and take care of your clients... and there are no boundaries on your success.

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