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1  I work in a salon, why do I need my own domain name?

     Because you never know where you'll be working in ten years, next year, or even next week .  A domain name can be your permanent address.  You may move physically several times over the span of your career.  But if your clients remember you along with your memorable domain name, they will always be able to track you down.  That's why it's important to market that domain name to them as often as possible.  We have links to companies that do nothing but sell merchandise for that purpose.  Give your clients pens with your domain name on them one year and mouse pads the next.  If it's a catchy name it will be easier to remember.  Once they equate you to your name, you will always be able to be found by your precious clientele.

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2  Do I need to buy a .com name?

      .Com names were the original top level domain to be passed out.  So they are the most desirable to many people because they are more scarce.  Your top businesses want nothing less.  For the purpose of having your clients remember you however, we feel that it's the second level (the part that comes before the .com) that is going to be remembered.  For example has long been taken.  But we have still available at our premium domain area of our site.  Don't you think that your clients would remember that?  They would especially remember it if you told them that ws stood for web site. If you had a web site that actually went along with your name they would always have a place to go to get your latest input.

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3  Why should I buy one from Beauty Biz Domains?

      There are many domain and internet services out there.  We are unique because we cater to beauty professionals.  We understand the needs of our customers.  You work daily to take care of your clients.  We work daily to take care of you.  We have the very best premium domains, we know which links will serve you best, and which internet services can bring you the greatest success.

  The owner of this company has worked in the beauty industry for over twenty years and understands the business inside and out.  She saw the need to help the creative individuals that make up this great business turn into the true professionals that they can be.  By bringing you into the vast new horizons of the Internet, we feel that you can aspire to, and achieve, professional greatness.  This is the time to shine above most of your peers.  They are still not thinking beyond their own stations.  Some day everyone will have their own domain name. Get your outstanding name while it's still available.    Let's share this new adventure together.

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4  What if I buy a name and then decide that I don't like it and want to change to another one?

      Once you actually pay for your name there are no refunds.  The only exception would be if more than one individual tries to purchase the same name within the slight lag of time between someone purchasing the name and it's removal from our public list. In that case the first one to actually make the purchase will acquire the name.  We will always e mail you with a confirmation.  Make sure to print out a copy of your receipt at your time of payment for your own records.  If you eventually find that your name does not suit you anymore you can always buy another name.  We offer "for sale" pages for free.  Place the name that you don't want on its own page and sell it on-line. We feel that if you chose a great name in the first place, your name will only increase in value over time and you should be able to sell your name for what you paid if not substantially more. Most companies will charge you an extra fee for having "for sale" pages, for forwarding your domains, for masking the name in the browser window, not us!  We want to make sure that you are a happy and satisfied SharAmbrosia customer. Come to our Organic Web Care area of our site to see these features and more that will be available to you by buying either our Premium Domains or our "Choose Your Own" domains.  Go to our policies page (located at our main index page) to find out more about our policies and procedures for our Premium domains.

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5  I really want to be "myname".com, can you sell me that?

      "YourName".com is a wonderful choice, especially if it's the name of your spa or business.  But there's a good chance that it's already been taken.  In that case you may want to try typing in "YourName".com at our Organic Web Care area and see what top level domains (example: .net, .us, .biz. etc...) are available.  If your name is not available you may want to look into our Premium Domain Names for one that suits you and the image that you want to convey to your clients.  If you want to use your own creativity to come up with your own name, just go to our Organic Web Care area and try your luck by typing names into the box until you find just the right one for you. (Helpful Hint: Start with .com and it will show you all of your available alternatives.)

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6  I already have my own domain name, how can Beauty Biz Domains help me?

      That's great if you already have your own domain name.  We just hope that it's a memorable one.  By transferring your name over to Beauty Biz Domains you will be in good hands.  We can provide you with many great services, all with you the beauty professional in mind.  We will constantly strive to offer you the best domain names (See our Premium Domains here, or choose your own at Organic Web Care) and great extras that cannot be found anywhere else. We have a wonderful support team that can help you with e mail, web hosting services and more.  Have you read our tips on professionalism in the beauty industry?  We spell out how you can use your domain name to your advantage in every area of the beauty salon or spa.  We even have tips that spa owners need to know.  Are you looking for gifts for your clients or fellow workers?  See our ever-growing list of Beauty Schools.  Need a quick and easy list of all of your favorite Salon/Spa Product Manufacturers?  How about All_natural Suppliers, we're proud to offer the best!  We've got what you need.  If not, please let us know, because at SharAmbrosia's Beauty Biz Domains...we aim to please!

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7  What are other tips that you can give me to promote my spa or beauty business?

     We offer lots of tips and advice that can be found at  These are all short articles that have previously been in our e-newsletter that comes out once or twice a month called "E-spresso".  You'll find articles... creating an image that people will remember, how to purchase domain names that will work for you, effective communication with your customers and clients, the importance of having your own web site, and much more.  This is free, inside information that will really bring you the business that you deserve.

      You have nothing to lose by looking into our advice, you only have a lot to gain!  To see our current issue of "E-spresso", you can always go to  If you find this helpful, we'd love to send our E-spresso to you directly.  Just sign up by going to the link found at the bottom of the page.  We will keep any and all information that you share with us private.  We wouldn't even think of selling, sharing or renting it to anyone.  You have our promise.

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