Post New Yearís Blues? Crack the Code to Real $$ in 2008 with
ďThe Razorís EdgeĒ


By: Diane Dutton, CEO of CK Systemz, LLC


     Well, the holidays tend to leave us with a BIG HANGOVER even if you didnít party down! Itís called The Post New Yearís Blues. How will you ever muster up the enthusiasm to do all you planned for 2008? You have:

Big Ideas
Big Dreams for Big DollarsÖ

This picture is entirely too overwhelming!

So, letís take a look at a few great tools to blast away the blues:

1. Passion Drives Success
2. Chunk It Down
3. Apply the Razorís Edge

We begin with what we know:

Do what you have always done, what you did in 2007 and 2008 will look like a picture of the past.
Do more, smarter, better, bigger, more focused and 2008 will grow, you will grow, your future will grow.
Next we apply the 3 Tools:
Passion Statement

Beat the Post New Yearís Blues by asking yourself the following questions: What am I most passionate about? Do my career, family life, spiritual life, financial results and physical life reflect that passion?

When is TODAY soon enough to discover your passion and work towards that goal?

Create your passion statement: ďI am passionate about _________________and in 2008 my goal is to create ______________ to fulfill that passion.Ē

Once you have a clear picture of your passion, you can move to step #2:
Chunk in Down

Create a ROADMAP for 2008 starting with your Passion Statement and then list all the steps, big and small, to make your vision a reality. No step is too big or too small. Push forward with excitement in your heart! This is your future, your lifeís desires. If you want it bad enough, take those steps. Chunk them down into bit size pieces, easy to do one at a time, one day at a time. Make the list, look at the list every day, work the list every day.

Then, step #3:
The Razorís Edge

You can now apply The Razorís Edge.

The reason some are successful and some are not, the reason YOU are in the driverís seat and some are not? Itís because you have what it takes to use The Razorís Edge. You have the edge, that something extra, extra drive, extra desire. The Razorís Edge is doing that one extra step, every day that brings multitudes of success. Itís that one extra contact, one extra personal note, one extra phone call or extra networking event that changes good results into passionate results.

Be the one who creates the strategic plan and executes it. Be the one who sets an exercise program and sticks with it. Be the one who beats the Post New Yearís Blues and makes 2008 a most memorable journey!

Apply these three tools starting today and realize that your desires for 2008 are not overwhelming at all. Those desires are part of a process of achievement.

I believe this and apply it in my life; Success is more than a moment of achievement. Success is something you live.

Diane Dutton, January 2008

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