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By: Diane Dutton, CEO of CK Systemz, LLC


     As a member company of the National Cosmetology Association, (NCA), I applaud the progressive approach we are taking to finding career and lifestyle balance for the individual professional as well as the salon and spa owner.

     The SalonLife’07 Event is open to individual beauty professionals and students who can now participate and learn from experts in all walks of life from Health and Wellness to Personal Finance to Life Balance. I wish all professionals could attend this event.

     I am rather lucky in that my company is located in Las Vegas, Nevada so in order for me to attend I only have to pay the registration fee of $395.00. I will not need airfare or hotel or a budget for food and fun, I live here, I can lose my money anytime!

     So, what’s the point?

     Well, this may be a great start but how many individual beauty professionals can afford the $395.00 plus hotel at even as low as $99/night at the Luxor, great rate, really good hotel by the way as well as airfare of $99 to $459 round trip depending on where you are flying from. Well, maybe you drive from California? From LA its 280 miles on one-two tanks of gas at $50/tank or so plus wear and tear on your vehicle. It’s possible, but not likely, since you also have to give up Monday and Tuesday of work for the event and maybe Sunday and Wednesday travel time.

     This is a great idea, still not affordable for the average beauty professional.

     But, this is the start of something really big. The underlying message that is growing is “Respect the individual in your salon!” This is important because the individual beauty professional is your life blood, the skilled professional that takes care of the salon client.

     Now, I believe its time for the beauty profession to really take care of them too.

     In the meantime as a beauty professional do what you have to do to learn Health and Wellness, Personal Finance and Life Balance. These subjects are not really taught in Beauty School, or while you are taking that new skills class at your favorite posh training program from Paul Mitchell or Tony & Guy.

     You must seek out education, learn how to use your computer to help you grow your client contact, build mastermind groups within your profession and learn from each other. Take a bookkeeping class at the community college, learn how to cook healthy and learn how to manage your relationships for a happy life, happy love and happy financial future. The latest issue of Salon Life from the NCA has articles which are helpful on these topics.

     Go to www.cksystemz.com and download the 10 Tips to Power Up your Cash Flow, its free. You can also read about the success kit which covers all these topics except for the cooking part, I leave that to your local health food store.

     But most importantly realize that Life is THE GIFT, cherish it, make the most of it and success will be more than something you achieve, success will be something you live.

     Your Success Kit is here for you at www.cosmosuccesskit.com.

     Go to the site, read about the kit and take action that will advance your career and your life balance.

     Got to go now, I think there is a Vegas poker table calling my name? Only kidding, actually I have a nail appointment!

     I would love to hear your comments and suggestions? Email me at diane@cksystemz.com


Diane Dutton, CEO
CK Systemz, LLC
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Diane Dutton
June 2007
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