Whose Client Is It? Your Client or the Salon’s Client???


By: Diane Dutton, CEO of CK Systemz, LLC


     Did you ever ask yourself “Who does this client belong to?”  Well some of the salon owners will tell you that the client is there because of the salon.  I contend that the client is there because of you, the cosmetologist.  How many customers will stay at a salon once the cosmetologist who does their nails just perfect moves to the shop across the street?  How many times will a customer leave a colorist when they have that blonde color just perfect?

     When a cosmetologist truly has a clientele which they build, nurture and support then the clientele belongs to them.  In this case a lifetime of customers not only brings the day to day cash into your pocket but creates an “ASSET” which you can “SELL” to another cosmetologist if you move to another town, retire or grow so big you need to share.

     Does everyone have to grow up to be a salon owner?  No is the answer.  Why should you worry about building rent, power, and water, large orders of equipment, product inventory, and payroll?  The answer is for some that have this desire, great, for some who want to make lots of money but with little overhead – it’s not the answer.

     The answer is to use your Client Keeper Software to manage your personal business, your clients and your hours and your ability to grow an asset to sell in the future.

     Your client keeps a personal relationship with you and only you.  Shouldn’t you have a way to send a birthday card, anniversary card, graduation card for their son?  If you have all your clients in the master database then without your time involved you will send these special emails to the client keeping your bond with the client for future business.

     Many of the special marketing tools of Client Keeper will be yours – just visit us at www.cksystemz.com for more ideas on building and supporting your clients in the future!


Diane Dutton, CEO
CK Systemz, LLC
Client Keeper for the Beauty Professional
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