The 5 Top Traits of a Successful Cosmetology Student


By: Diane Dutton, CEO of CK Systemz, LLC


     Just last week I spoke at two cosmetology classes as part of their Theory Program. My goal was to introduce the concepts of Beauty Professional turned Business Professional. I have no doubt as to the excellence of the school’s ability to teach proper technique in all areas of Cosmetology, after all the students were all wearing Redken t-shirts!

     No, my passion for giving the students just one more edge over the competition lies in the business skills, not the beauty skills. I have spent the better part of my adult life helping business owners succeed, fulfill their dreams, and create and implement their vision. In the case of the Beauty Professional, too many times I see, hear and read about the individual cosmetologist who is living paycheck to paycheck, unable to create a solid future or aspiring to own a salon or spa and being thrust into a business environment without all the tools you need in business.

     As I looked at the students in the class and I interacted with them, I could see where my message was connecting and where it was lost. I could easily decide who would be successful long term and who would struggle. I would like to tell you about some of those success traits.

1. Passion for their career path:
     In the room were several individuals who, you might say, decided on cosmetology because they could not decide on something else or the thought of working in an office as a clerical person was utterly repulsive. Also in the room were those individuals who had a passion for the industry, the future plans of being part of something where they could create great “art”. To be seen with, work with, build and learn from some of the top artists in their field. I could see whose eyes light up when you discuss building a successful financial and artistic future. Who knows, one might become the next Paul Mitchell, Michael Cole or José Eber! Passion for what you do and who you are can be the driving force to fully succeed.

2. Vision of their career path:
     In my second class was a young man. First, being the only male amongst all the female students takes courage and later I understood his courage as he gave me the vision of his future career path. He was already a massage therapist and now in class for esthetician training. Why go through all of this education? His vision is to run a large spa in one of the major hotels. He had worked as a massage therapist and watched those that ran these facilities with little or no experience. He knows he can create great success for the location he will be running as well as great financial results for himself. He prides himself of this future accomplishment and I know he will succeed. Vision is the key.

3. Willingness to grow as a person:
     James Ray (“The Secret” and Oprah), says in order to create bigger results you have to become a bigger person. The way to become a bigger person is to grow, grow from within, grow your knowledge and experience, and learn from those that do. The cosmetology students who are willing to learn new concepts on growing their business education, learning from someone outside their field are those that will succeed in their chosen profession. Those that are closed to business concepts and believe that they already have all the answers cannot grow. Remember a plant does not grow without the help of water, oxygen and good soil; it does not grow from other plants.

     The Cosmetology student who is willing to work with an open mind, expand beyond the traditional technician to salon owner narrow career path mindset, will find the future can be rewarding emotionally, physically and financially.

4. A sense of humor:
     Some of the brightest smiles in the world presented themselves to me during these two classes. These were the real thing, not just a show or acting job, the real happiness in life, coming through the smiles from these students. In Marci Shimoff’s “Happy for No Reason”, Simon & Schuster, ©2008, the discussion is entirely based on being happy from the inside out. The top 100 people who were successful were surveyed and the results; they were happy before they were financially successful, not because they were financially successful. When you begin from the inside out and you find true happiness in yourself, then you can give more, be more and receive more.

     Find your sense of humor. Find satisfaction in being alive and talented and true abundance in your career will come. I truly connected with those cosmetology students who I know will be successful, based on their temperament in the classroom. That will translate into great customer service, caring for their co-workers and pride in their professional talents.

5. Good common sense:
     Book knowledge is a great thing; practice in your field is essential, but good common sense will carrying you through the best of circumstances and the worst of circumstances. The current generation of cosmetology students contains a mix of those who think they can and those who know they can. Those who know they can will find, through their common sense, their day to day understanding of the world and the application of their talents, the best way to create a successful career.

     Those who think they can will second guess their decisions and maybe walk the well worn path rather than venture out beyond the norm and take bold steps to create a better future. Which do you want to be? Do you truly believe in yourself? Will you create opportunities or wait for them to come to you?
In reading all the business blogs on the Redken web site I find professional after professional, salon owner after salon owner, in fear of their future, concerned about which way to turn. This is the real world and those that believe in themselves will solve problems, will hire the best and demand the best from them and will demand the best from themselves. Start today, be that person while in school, graduate a successful Beauty Professional and a successful Business Professional.

Diane Dutton, CEO
CK Systemz, LLC
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Diane Dutton
June 2007
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