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     Finally, it's your turn.  Your turn has come to be sought after in this hectic, fast paced world.  People are more stressed out than at any other time in history.  Cell phones, pagers, and traffic are just a few things that we can't seem to get away from.  Unless you live out in the country and are able to completely disconnect, most people need help to relax, your help. They look to you to put them back together.  Give them what they need and you will be prosperous.

     Set the mood.  If they need to wait before their treatment, make sure that they begin their treatment the minute they come in the door.  This means having things like some flowing water sounds, soft lighting, an area where they can put their feet up and start relaxing.  Greet them with a warm, nurturing voice and demeanor.  If they've come in for a body treatment it's usually because they've reached a sensory overload  They need to be gently guided back to their former beautiful selves.  You are their healthcare practitioner without the fancy title or pay.  But if you do your part consistently and sincerely, you will be rewarded greatly.  Bodycare workers are the salt of the earth.  You are very special people that know that what you do is very important.  You are generally a more relaxed breed, or you would have chosen another field.  Having this great understanding of your gift enables you to see your surroundings for what they are.  Hopefully you've chosen to administer your care in a spa that backs you up in your goals to give the most relaxing treatment possible.  If there is too much noise coming from another part of the salon, or the light is too bright, speak up.  Sometimes salon owners don't see things the way you do.  Offer her a treatment and show her how important a completely peaceful environment is.

     Don't forget to share your thoughts with your clients.  You innately know that during a treatment is not the time to talk to your client.  It's their time to go inside themselves and completely relax.  The last thing you should do is interrupt that silence with information about you.  So the perfect solution is to get your own website where you can talk about whatever you want, at the convenience of your client.  You know that look that they have when they leave you.  It's the look of gratitude.  Their words cannot sum up how thankful they are to you.  If you've given a great treatment you've taken them out of the realm of words.  But later when they come back to earth they will look at the business card that you handed them.  It will have your domain name on it which reminds them that they have a place to go when they need to be relaxed again.  SharAmbrosia's Beauty Biz Domains can help you find the perfect domain name.  We have names like,, etc... These are just a couple of the names that we now have, but we can't promise for how long.  If you'd like to see what you can come up with, go to our "Choose Your Own Domain Name" area of our site.  Whatever way you find your name, make sure that it's memorable, just like you!

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