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If you are in the beauty business, you need more than a great product or service to stand out.  You need promotion.

We've put together some strategies to help you.

The following articles are excerpts from the BBD "E-spresso".  To see our current issue, click here.



Your Marketing Strategy

(Jan 2004)   

Do you think that you're doing all that you can to get your name out there?  There are so many great day spas, beauty salons, beauty products, and beauty professionals today.  How can you stand out amongst all of the competition out there?

One way is to be on the Internet.  Let's assume that you are already a star in your local town.  Word has spread through your community as to how good you are .  But are you as busy as you could be, or want to be?  So many people, including those that live near by, are on-line nowadays, and they're looking for you, your products, and your services!  Will they be able to find you?  Would you know where to find you on the Internet?

The key is exposure.  Today, it is more important than ever to have your own web site.  Web sites offer your clients a place to go to find out all that they need to know about you to make a decision about whether to give you their business or not.  But just as important, you must have the right domain name, one that tells everyone in a word or two who you are and what you're about.

Web Sites

The myth is that web sites are expensive.  If you've put off having your own web site because you've bought into this myth, keep reading.  There is software available today that makes it easier than ever to create your own web site.  You can either live in the land of 'fear of the unknown".  Or you can jump in and try.  It's quite rewarding to learn new things.

Think of all of the skills that you have, that you wouldn't have, if you didn't try learning something new.  Web site building is just another skill that will take some mental focus at the beginning.  But once you've mastered the basics, your business will reap the benefits.

At Beauty Biz Domains, we have several options for you to be able to create your own web site easily and inexpensively.  Have your own on-line brochure for just $15 per year!  Or you can create your own 5, 10, or 20-page site for just $7-$15 per month, that includes e-mail!  So you see, there are no more excuses, it's easy, inexpensive, and can be quite profitable. Click here for more information about creating your own web site.

Domain Names

The main thing to remember when choosing your domain name is "memorability".  If your day spa's name is "Tranquility", the perfect name would be  Unfortunately, there is a good chance that when you go to buy your name, it will have already been taken.  What can you do at that point?  The next logical choice would be, already taken?  How,,  If those are already gone,  the next step would be to change the name slightly, such or  You may want to try a different top level domain, such as or  Come to our Domains2Good2Last area of our site and play with domain names until you find the one that you like... and is still available. 

But before you do, you may want to visit our 'Premium Domains' area of our site, where you will find some generic names that are highly desirable.  We've made it easy for you to search our top level choices for your perfect domain.  Choose carefully when deciding.

 This is a name that should be remembered by those that will need to find you on the Internet.  The perfect name will be like money in the bank if it is chosen well.  Once you own the domain name, you may keep it indefinitely, as long as you keep renewing it at the low annual rate (up to 10 years at a time).  We have the largest selection of 'Premium Beauty' names.  Names like ours usually sell for thousands of dollars each.  We never sell names for more than $500, and most are far less.

So you can either go to our Domains2Good2Last area of our site, where you will find your own name, most are $10 or less.  Or you can look for your own 'Premium Domain' that we've bought and saved for our beauty business friends.  Either way, remember to make it memorable.  Your clients want to find you, make it easy for them.

You've put the time and energy into learning your craft, it's now time to put the same importance on marketing what you have to offer.  Let us help you.


Your customer wants to find you.

Will you make it easy for them?

Choose a name that makes sense, and they will never forget how to find you.

and many more!



Why do you need more than one domain name?

 (Jan 2004)    

You don't, unless you're trying to get people to visit your site.  Search engines such as Google and Yahoo are the number 1 way that visitors find out about you.  Most people will only look at the top 20 listings to find what they need, some even fewer than that.  So the key to getting more visitors to your site is by getting a high ranking on the search engines.


How do you do that?  Part of it is a popularity contest.  If you have many sites linking to you, they figure you must have a good thing going, and they want to lift you up even higher.  So find sites with similar content to yours and ask them if they will do a reciprocal linkage with you.  Search engines have little creatures called robots and spiders that crawl through the Internet.  They go from site to site through the links that are provided by each site.  If you are not linked to anyone, there's less of a chance that they will find you.  When they do, they will make a copy of your pages and they will be available on the search engines.  This will enable the search engine visitor to not only find you, but to see a few words from your page. This will help them to decide whether to visit your site or not .

Domain Names

Now, to get back to the original question... another way that you can get a higher listing on the search engines is to  have domain names that match that of the query or key words that the visitor uses.  It doesn't need to be a .com name, it just needs to include the phrase or word that has been typed in.  For example, let's say you have a line of beauty products for beautifying feet.  Let's say the name of your company is "Smith's Natural Foot Formula".  Do you think that people that have never heard of your product will type in the name of your company on their search, or 'beautiful feet'?  If you'll notice when you go to the search engines and look up any subject, most of the sites listed at the top have the requested word(s) in their domain name.

  I have proven this with the 'all natural beauty' web site.  Even though it is a .us name and not a .com, it's at the top of most search engines for the search of "all natural beauty".  Why?  Because of linking, content that matches the subject, and having those three words in the domain name.  It's the same with Beauty Biz Domains (Beauty + Domains). 

So even if you have the name (which is a good thing to have), I would suggest also having names like, and  The top level domain ( extension;, .net, etc...) doesn't matter as much as the actual word or words in the second level (ex.- beautifulfeet).

  Once you own these names, you'll want to 'forward' them to your site.  This means that by typing in, the visitor will be taken directly to your site.  Do you want the name '' to remain in the browser window when the visitor gets to your site?  Just use our 'masking' option (which is free this month) and that's what they will see.  This is a good option when the name of your site is a long and complicated name that visitors won't remember.

So you can imagine that the more domain names you have, the better your chances of being found by those that are looking for you.  It's also a good idea to link those domains to your site from other sites, including your own. We have one page web sites available for only $15 a year.  Again, this raises your chances of having those domain names (as well as your site) found by the robots and spiders.

Get your name out there, and have plenty of domain names that apply to your site circulating.  This is the best way to get business rolling in.  Let us help you.  We specialize in helping those in the beauty business, but everyone is welcome.  The same principles that I've discussed here will help any type of business.

Come to our site and you can play with names until you find the right ones that will bring visitors to your site.  We have an excellent technical crew that can help you with all of your questions.  Once you have your domain names you can add e-mail or web sites to them as well.  We have everything you need to help make your Internet presence a success.


More great Premium Names that we offer:

See our "Naturally Inspired" names here



Intellectual Property

(Jan 2004)    

If you own a car or a home, you know the feeling of owning something tangible that you have equity in.  If you've bought well, these things may even go up in value as time goes on.

Owning intellectual property is the same idea.  A copyrighted idea, song, poem... etc. is also something that will have monetary value if it is worthy.  Owning a great domain name can be a wonderful piece of intellectual property if it is chosen well.

Whatever business you are in, if you choose to stay in that business for any length of time, now is the time to purchase a great domain name.

Generic Domains

In the beauty business, trends come and go.  So having a current hip hairstyle name will be good for the short term, but to have a valuable piece of intellectual property, we believe that you should think in generic terms.

Hair, skin and nails are here to stay.  So, and will be a very good choice.  Unfortunately, these names have been gone for a long time.  So there are two ways to go next.  You could look down the line of TLD's (Top Level Domains ie: .com, .net, .org ...etc...) to see if is still available.  .Us is an excellent TLD for those whose business is in the U.S.  .Biz domains are great for those with businesses.  .Ws is wonderful for those that have a Web Site attached to their domain name.

If those TLD's are unavailable, the next step is to change the name slightly into something usable like, or  Again, the next step would be to go down the chain of TLD's until you find one that suits you.

Let's face it, right now the star of the show in TLD's is .com.  Because they were the original, they are almost extinct as far as finding a great one.  But always try when checking to see which TLD's are available.  You never know when someone just gave one up, and you could score big!

That's why at our, we've made it easy for you to check all available TLD's at once.  When you want to know what's available, you just put the name (otherwise known as the Second Level Domain) into the box and we'll show you which, if any, TLD's you may buy.

Domain Name Futures

Just like in the stock market, you want to look ahead.  In the beauty business, we see the industry becoming more and more responsible for what they put in their products.  Consumers are becoming wiser when it comes to ingredients, and they want healthier products that will not only make them beautiful, but will not cause them potential harm.  Natural beauty products are here to stay, and we feel that this market will be a good source of intellectual property when it comes to domain names.

Another area of growth is the spa and relaxation business.  With all of the stress that people are feeling today, names that have to do with massage, pampering and spa care will be very important. 

Your Domain Portfolio

Business people that are on the ball are buying up great domains right now while they are still available, and you should too.  At our site, we sell .com names for only $10.  If you choose well, that purchase can be worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars eventually. 

At the low price of $10 each, you can purchase many domains and hold onto them for as long as you'd like.  Buy them for a period of 5 or 10 years and you will save money and time.  We will remind you when it is time to renew them.

We also have ways for you to sell them to the right buyer at any time.  Attach the names that you wouldn't mind selling to a "For Sale" page that we will provide for free.  If the potential buyer offers you the right price, you can make a nice profit immediately.

So you can see that whether you buy your domain names to attract customers to your web site, or whether you buy them for investment purposes, you will come out ahead if you buy wisely... and buy now.



Your Own Web Site

 (Feb 2004)    

The beauty industry is an awesome business.  It is filled with creative people that have found their way into this most amazing field because of their sense of play and adventure.  When your customers want to come see you, they want to escape their world, and enter yours.  You are a very special person in their lives.  You not only make them look beautiful, you make them feel beautiful.

But eventually, their time with you ends, and they have to go home.  What can they do to return to that great time that they had with you without calling you or stopping by (while you are probably busy with another client)?  If you are wise...

You have your own web site! 

Think of how many times your clients have left you and you remember something that you wish you had told them.  Likewise, think of how many times a client has come in and said that she had a question about her hair or whatever you helped her with the last time around, and you were not there to answer her question when she needed you?

Web sites are a great way to be available (in a matter of speaking) all the time.  You may be with a client, relaxing at the beach, or even asleep, and your clients can be at your site learning everything that you want them to know about your products and services.

Have a FAQ Section

Think about the most commonly asked questions that you get asked and create your own "Frequently Asked Questions" area.  This would also be a good place to discuss which types of beauty products work best for whom.  If you make a commission on product sales, this is a win win situation.  You are helping someone and making money at the same time.  Give your hours of operation and directions to your spa.  Think like a client, what information would you need to know?

Add Photos

If you are a makeup artist, hair designer or nail technician, make sure to include photos of your work.  Good pictures speak volumes, and will bring you business.  If you are someone that gives relaxing treatments such as massage or facials, add relaxing photos.  You can take them yourself with a digital camera, or you can easily buy them through various sites on the Internet.  Pictures of you, your spa or salon, and products, will tell the story of who you are and why they need to come for a visit.

Remember, people that may not even know about you or your salon will be coming to your site if you market your site correctly.  There are those in your own neighborhood that are on-line and may have never even heard about you.  But they will, if you're on-line.

Keep it Fresh

Give your clients the feeling that if they don't return to your web site often they might miss something, or that they will be out of the loop.  With your customers' permission, you may even want to add a "comments" area.  It will be easy once you get into the habit of writing down what your customers say when they are with you.  Have them sign what you write as proof that they gave their permission.  Clients say the most wonderful things right after their services, and people love to hear what others are saying.  Think about all of the nice things that people have said about your work and about the products that you've used on them.  It's time to put those words to good use!

Continue to stay on top of your site and clients will continue to visit regularly.  No one wants to visit a place that stays the same and doesn't give anything back.  Keep it fun and informative.


You will also want to make sure that e-mail correspondence is part of your web site.  If someone has a question that is not answered in your FAQ, they will want a way to have their question answered.  A friendly return e-mail leaves a lasting impression that you care.  So make sure that you check your e-mail at least once a day.  It's also a great way to keep in touch with clients that you haven't seen in a while.  A nice way to check in with them without being pushy is to tell them of an update to your site with a link.  They'll probably appreciate you for taking an interest in them.  Sometimes out of site is out of mind, and they may have just forgot to make an appointment.  Remind them that you still exist.

You'll see that having your own web site is fun and rewarding.  When you are ready to create your own site, we're here to help you.



Be Unique

(Feb 2004)    

With all of the beauty businesses in operation today, one has to be professional, and... unique.  If you have a product, it's got to stand out from the others on the shelf.  Likewise, if you have a spa, it's got to stand out amongst the other spas.  And if you are a hair designer, you've got to have your own signature cut or style. 

To be remembered, be different.  There are those out there that need what you have to offer.  Find your niche, then find your audience.  The Internet is the place to find that audience.  If you specialize in long hair, for example, you need a great domain name  like "beautiful long hair", "healthy long hair" or even "long strong hair".  If you specialize in permanent makeup, you need a domain name that speaks to those looking for your services, such as "expert permanent makeup" or "lasting makeup".

As we've discussed before, you really can't have too many domain names.  They are arrows that point to your business.  And the virtual doorway to your business is your web site.  There is no excuse for not having a web site if you own a business.  They are easy to make and quite inexpensive to own and operate.  You don't need to pay a web designer to make one for you unless you feel a need to have an elaborate site that sells products or services on the site itself.  If you want to promote your business, include directions to your shop, prices, etc... and of course add some beautiful photos.  Create your vision, then create your web site.  It's simple... and fun!

Make your Mark

The most successful businesses have two things that have gone into creating them, innovation and perspiration.  Innovation means that they are always looking outside of their own four walls to see what the market needs, and they aim to supercede the expectations of those that need their products and services.

Perspiration is all of the hard work that helps them to achieve the goals that they have set.  Owners of businesses need to be visionaries.  Even if you are a massage therapist or a nail technician.  You are not just an employee, you are running a business.  When you have clients that come to you because they enjoy what you do for them, you have power that an employee in most fields do not enjoy.  You have the power to bring those clients with you to another spa, if you were ever to leave your current place of employment.  So when we speak to owners of businesses, we are speaking to you as well.

Your clients are your bosses, and the owner of your salon is your partner.  If you treat your clients as your bosses, they will get what they want, and so will you.  If you treat the owner of the establishment with the respect of a business partner, realizing of course that they do have ownership privileges, you will have a mature relationship together that can be quite profitable.  Any good relationship is based on mutual respect, therefore you must choose your partner with care.  You both must do your part to be professional and do what needs to be done to make your bosses (clients) happy and satisfied.

Do Your Part

One of the downfalls of working in a salon or spa can be when resentment builds between the owner and the staff.  If everyone does their part to create a fun and functional atmosphere, everyone benefits.  Clients can feel when the mood of a spa is good.  It shows in the faces of everyone that works there.  Because the clients are there for their own escape, they want to know that everyone there is having a great time.


Communication is very important to a functional company.  Whether you make beauty products and need to communicate the benefits of your products, or you are the owner of a spa that needs to let your clients know about the benefits of your spa... make sure that you are heard and understood.  Make sure to take the time to think like the customer.  Take a non-biased look at what you are offering and see what impression you get.

Create a plan for marketing your services and products, and follow through with your plan.  Being unique will narrow the field of competition.  But you will need to send the message out loud and clear to those that prospectively need what you have to offer.  Be professional and courteous to everyone that you deal with.  You will be remembered as one to do business with, and your reputation will precede you.

For true success in business, have a great product and/or service, work with great people that you communicate well with, create your niche in the market, advertise and market to that audience the best way possible, and be consistent.

Please remember us for your Internet promotional needs.  Your success, is our satisfaction.



Meta Tags

 (March 2004)    

Being high in the search engine rankings is important for obvious reasons.  One important feature to help improve your rankings is to include what are referred to as "Meta Tags".  The three important tags to include are the title, the description and the key words.

Before we discuss these three terms further, let's talk about how the search engines find them on your site.  Each search engine has their own little virtual beasts called robots or spiders.  When the search engines send their little beasts out to search sites for information to add to their directory, they look at an area of your site that is not seen by your average visitor.  This is the underbelly, or source code, of your site.  You could call it the computer's language, it's actual name is html (hyper text markup language).

Meta Title

The meta title is whatever you choose to name your site.  Say for example you have a day spa called "Heaven On Earth Day Spa".  Your first choice when it came to buying a domain name was "".  But unfortunately when you went to purchase your name it was already taken.  So you decided to try for, but that was taken by someone else as well.  You then decided to try  Bingo! It was available.  So you grabbed it and now all of your customers now type in to find you on the Internet. 

So what happens when a new visitor finds your information on a search and thinks that they are going to a spa called Heavenly Spa?   That won't happen by using the Meta Title "Heaven On Earth Day Spa".   When the search engine robot reads your title tag it will know that "Heaven On Earth Day Spa" is the name (title) of your site, and when a visitor looks up "Day Spas" (and hopefully you have done all that you should to get your listing to the top of that category) up comes the site named "Heaven On Earth Day Spa", rather than

Meta Titles can also be helpful in telling people what you do or what you sell.  Let's say that you specialize in Spa Gowns.  Maybe the name of your company is not as important as what you sell.  Or better yet, you also have a domain name that is based on the name of your company, and you'd like to have other domains that tell what you specialize in.  Your title will be "Spa Gowns", so that when someone is specifically looking for spa gowns they will go to your site because you have exactly what they are looking for.

Meta Description

This is where you give a nice concise summary of what services and/or products that you sell.  Make it matter of fact or make it flowery, it's up to you and what image you want to portray to your customers.  The beauty business is one based on image and sometimes illusion.  This is your chance to get their attention and bring them to your site.

If you have a product, build it up. "Our hair gels create the styles that you'll want to stay in place all day.  Miracle Gel maintains the hair style, while adding softness and body to anyone's hair." 

Think about the customers' needs and write an appropriate description.  If you have a day spa, talk about the relaxation factor.  "Pampering is our middle name here at Bernadette's Day Spa.  Fountains, a beautiful rose garden, and our own all-natural juice bar will create a day you'll remember". 

Key Words

Think about which words and phrases your visitors will put into a search, and you'll have your key words.  This is your chance, once again, to put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers.  What do you offer that you want them to find at your site?

A partial list of key words for a day spa would look like this: spa ,day spa ,relaxation, hair, manicures, skincare, facials, pampering, sauna, find a relaxing day spa, day spa with a sauna, facials and massage, relaxing day spa, relaxing atmosphere day spa.  The only difference between this list and a real list is that you wouldn't add the spaces between commas so that you can have space for more words.

The other part about key words is that you must add them into the actual content of the site, basically your index (the first page of your site).  Add each at lease 3 times to make sure that the robots can see that you really are talking about what you say that you're talking about.  If you have a salon and want to bring in more male customers, don't use key words like cars and baseball to bring them in, that's called spam, which is a form of trickery, that just won't work.  Search engines frown upon that, and so will the person that got to your site through false pretenses.

When you have your site hosted at our Domains2Good2Last you will be given the opportunity to add your Meta Tags into your site easily, and without understanding any  html whatsoever.

If you purchase any domain name from us or transfer one of your existing domain names over to SharAmbrosia, you will have the opportunity to have free "masking".  With that option, you can add your Meta Tags right onto your site's first page where the robots will find it and add it to it's search database.  Now that you know about Meta Tags, let us help you easily put them into your site.



(April 2004)    

Have you stopped to think about what kind of an image you portray to the world?  The beauty business is all about image, but some people and companies never really sit down and map out a plan as to what their own image is.

Ask Those That Know

The best way to see what your current image is simple... ask those that know you.  For spa owners or even those working in a spa, find out from your clients.  They see things from a different perspective.  Give them a simple questionnaire to fill out during or after their next visit.  Give them some samples or a discount of some kind for their time.

Give them some words that would best describe your spa and have them circle the ones that they feel apply to your business.  A few choices would be: professional, modern, caring, trendy, relaxing, comfortable, warm, hip, etc...  Then ask them what they like about being there, and what they would like to see changed.  Don't ask unless you really want to know the truth.  This is the time for clients to get out what they've always wanted to say but didn't know how to before.  It may even shock you to know what they really think.  It also may make you feel very good.  This is a terrific opportunity for you to grow. 

If you supply beauty products or if you are a manufacturer of beauty products.  What is the image of your company?  Send out a questionnaire to your customers that will allow them a discount with their next order for  filling it out and mailing it to you.  The questions will basically be the same as the ones above, but will be the feelings they associate with your company.

Cleanliness Really Matters

Are you adamant about keeping a clean, dust-free business?  Are all of the glass countertops, windows and mirrors immaculate?  These are the little things that clients do notice.  If you must hire someone to do it for you, do it.  Your clients come in and want to feel like they've walked into a perfect place.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and you are giving this gift of cleanliness to the Goddesses that patronize you.  A clean place is part of the image that says you care about others' happiness and safety.

Take a Photo

You've heard it before... pictures don't lie.  It's so true!  We can fool ourselves very well about how we look, or how our environment looks.  But take a picture and you shall see the truth, whether good or bad.

Are your shelves not only stocked, but are they stacked perfectly?  Do you have design-appeal?  Do things looked balanced and

harmonious?  If you can see in your photo that things need to be reorganized, straightened or overhauled, take care of it.  Whether people see this outright or they just sense that something is not right, they're registering an uneasiness within themselves.  When your place looks balanced, organized and cheery, it gives a good feeling to those that enter.  It's a place where those that are there want to stay, and a place where they'll want to return to often. 

Create a Theme

If I asked you what your theme was, would you be able to tell me in a word, or at least a sentence?  Some places choose to have a theme that could be included as a ride at Disneyland like... exotic jungle or southwestern desert.  But a theme such as warm, comfortable and caring would work just as well.  This may even be a good question for your client questionnaire.  Ask them to sum up what your theme is in a sentence.  If they can't, it might mean that you just... don't have one.

Environments are so important in the beauty business, especially where beauty services are performed.  This is usually where one goes to get away from their daily existence to relax and renew.  Basic needs for spa-type services consist of peaceful sights, sounds and scents.

In some cases, clients come in to be inspired and motivated.  Makeup and hair styling needs can be a bit more fast paced, although many prefer this to be relaxing as well.  It all just depends on what you decide on.  Find your niche, choose something that will be a happy middle ground, or be able to supply each client with what they need.  You may want to separate the hair stations into two separate areas of your salon or spa, one area being more relaxing than the other.  It seems that amongst hair stylists, their are two groups: the one that likes upbeat music, and the one that likes mellow music. Their clients usually tend to match that of the stylist.  When you hire your hair designers, find out which group they fall into and put them in the suitable environment.

Along with the music differences, you'll want to have the appropriate changes in the sensual environment as well.  In the areas where you'll enjoy a more stimulating environment, place diffusers with Peppermint, Rosemary or Lemon essential oils.  Offer coffee or cappuccino.  Brighter lights as well as brighter colors are in order.  Large photos of beauty trends and fashions will be enjoyable to this group.

For the relaxing group you'll want to serve herbal tea, have soothing blues, greens and earthy tones.  Use essential oils of lavender and cedarwood.

By the end of this "Truth in Image" process, you should know in one sentence what your image says to others.  If you do it right, it will be a beautiful description.


Your customers want to find you.

Will you make it easy for them?

Choose a name that makes sense, and they will never forget how to find you.

and many more!



Keeping in Touch

 (May 2004)    

No, this article is not intended just for massage therapists.  It's meant to inspire you to communicate with your clients and customers.  When was the last time someone sent you a card in the mail to tell you that they still exist, and you thought... "Oh yea, I've been meaning to contact them"?

Simple is always best

So often, our customers or clients are out there, living there lives, and meaning to come visit you for your services, or meaning to buy your products, but they just haven't taken the time to do it.  Sometimes just a little incentive is all they need to pick up the phone, or get on-line and do what they need to do.

The first thing to do is come up with a special offer.  A time constraint will usually be all it takes to motivate someone to make that call  today.  Perhaps you can send out a postcard

 to those that you haven't seen in awhile that their services will be 20% lower if they book their appointment by the end of the week.  Don't add too much time or they will put it off until they forget about it.  In this world where we have so much to think about, simple is always going to be more effective.

For your clients that are on-line, it gets even easier.  Always make sure to have their e-mail addresses.  It is the easiest and most cost efficient way to get your message across.  It's immediate, and nowadays we are at the point where most of your clients are there, receiving e-mails daily.  If you generally always offer them something good, they will look forward to receiving e-mails from you.  If you get in the habit of sending them slick nonsense, you will be wasting their time.  They will eventually begin zapping your messages out of their system before they even read it.

When you send e-mails, make sure that you are offering something of value, or you are offering a personal note of interest.  And I do mean real interest.  Not just something that you've contrived to trick them into coming in to see you or to buy your products. 

Work from Your Heart

You're not working with robots, you're communicating with real people.  The beauty business should be a place of escape and fun.  When someone feels a connection to a stylist, or the manufacturer of a beauty product, it's not a head-to-head connection, it's a heart-to-heart connection.   When you truly care about people, they can feel it. 

That's why we always talk about being in the moment when you are working.  People that are living in their heads instead of their hearts, just

seem to be absent, not there.  They may give the best cut around, but as soon as the client hears about another stylist that's "so nice", they're gone.  People liked to be cared about.

So when you send that e-mail of personal interest, don't wait until you haven't seen them in 3 years and now you're wondering what happened to them.  Send them an e-mail a few hours after you see them to tell them how sorry you are to hear that their husband is in the hospital.  Or send them an e-mail because they seemed a bit down, and you want to cheer them up with a joke that you just heard.  Maybe you'll write to congratulate them on their graduation or job promotion.  In other words, send an e-mail simply because... you care.

Does this sound different from other forms of marketing?  Maybe.  It's because the heart method is real.  This world has gotten to be full of tricks and deception.  When someone truly cares about us, unfortunately, it's a rare occurrence.  In the salon and spa environment, where clients can come in as often as they like on a regular event, we are lucky to be able to build friendships as well as business acquaintances.

Know the Line

But do keep in mind that it is indeed a business relationship. The important thing to figure out is the needs of the individual client.  After all, they are the ones paying for your services or products.  People are all different, and come to you for different reasons.  Some are there to become beautiful, some to relax, some even come to be around other people.  This can all be figured out within your first meeting with them.  Not by asking them directly, but by... listening and watching.

Again, you want to listen with your heart.  Body language will tell you so much.  The client with a smile, open bright eyes and upright posturing is there to have fun, learn, and enjoy herself as well as your company.  On the other hand, you'll find the client that has a more subdued feel about her, doesn't open up, and keeps her gaze away from you.  She probably came to 'get away from it all', including you... until she realizes how much you are there for her.

Kindness is the Key

Whether you are dealing with the open client, or the closed one.  Listen, and react with kindness.  Don't try to bring anyone into conversation until they show you that they want to talk.  Remember, sometimes the best communication is when you are quiet.

Give them what they need, when they need it, and come from a place of sincerity.  Don't be overly personal, but certainly be caring.  Sometimes a nice cup of herbal tea at the right moment can speak volumes.  These skills are just the skills of being a participant in life, seeing what is necessary to communicate how much you care about them.  Once you learn the skills, you will be successful in most, if not all of the relationships that you have.  You will certainly enjoy your work more.

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Choose a name that makes sense, and they will never forget how to find you.

and many more!

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Beauty Biz Domains


Natural Beauty

(June 2004)    

As you may have noticed, SharAmbrosia is a company of principles.  We believe in beauty that is based on more than a certain color lipstick or how much money you can get into your cash register by the end of the day.

Money = Success???

The old way of doing business said that if you made money, you were successful.  If you made lots of money, you were an even bigger success.  In fact, there are those today that still hold that theory as being true.

There comes a time when money does not equal success, and that's when it depletes you emotionally, physically or spiritually.  We believe so strongly in doing what's right, that we will be changing some policies at Beauty Biz Domains over the course of the next few weeks.  We don't believe in using toxic chemicals, therefore we will be choosing to stop promoting companies that exclusively sell them.  This decision has become the obvious one to make at this point as we get more and more involved in the all-natural and organic business.

We cannot in good conscience tell people to not use toxic chemicals on one site, and then promote them on another.  Because we didn't create our Beauty Biz Domains site in a day, we cannot make radical changes in one day. We will encourage our advertisers to see a new way.  And you will see a change towards a more and more natural form of beautycare.

 We feel that if given the opportunity, many companies would and hopefully will come around to our way of thinking if given the facts.  Therefore, we encourage all of you to look into the facts when it comes to using all-natural beauty and health products.

The Big Picture

Using all-natural products will help to create a healthier way of treating your own body and health as well help to reduce the harmful chemicals that you are washing down the drain and releasing into the air on a regular basis.

By making the decision to no longer use harmful chemicals, you will help to take the money out of the hands of some of the largest polluters.  And will be slowing down the destruction of our planet and its inhabitants.

Personal Choice

When the light comes on, there's no turning it off.  There was a time when smoking was a perfectly acceptable thing.  The tobacco companies told us that everything was okay, we believed them, and smokers smoked wherever and whenever they chose.  Our eyes got teary, our noses began to run, but we were told that it was no cause for alarm, and we just "took it".  Today, smokers know that they are causing a potential health threat to non-smokers and they know to stay a certain distance away.  Smokers also know that they do so at their own risk.  Why?  Because we've all been given the facts, and we can do with them what we choose to.

Well, the facts are out now on the toxic chemicals that are found in most beauty products.  There are all-natural alternatives to every one of them, yet so many people still choose to buy the potentially harmful versions.  It's all a matter of personal choice and which way you decide to go, healthy or not healthy.  Are you really willing to be beautiful at the risk of harming your health?

Beauty Professionals

Are you willing to subject your clients and customers to beauty that could be considered dangerous?  If you are not telling them about the risk that you are subjecting them to, you are part of the problem.  You are the tobacco companies of the old days, hiding the truth and trying to "get away" with something.

The future day of reckoning is coming, whether you want it to or not.  Where will you stand?  Will you be one of the heroes, or one of the snakes?

As a spa or salon owner, now is the time to do the changeover.  Be one of the first to offer truly "healthy" beauty.  Many spas claim to be a healthy experience for their patrons, but at the same time will rub harmful chemicals into their bodies and scalps.  By looking into products that are truly all-natural, you will be providing a service that is more than "lip" service, it will be the real thing... true health that comes from more than relaxation.  All-natural products act on a body the way food acts in the body, they feed, nourish and repair the way only real nutrients can.

If you are a manufacturer of beauty products, please look into making truly natural ones.  If not, you will only be making excuse after excuse as the public gets more knowledgeable about what's healthy and what's not.  Do yourself a favor and begin the journey now, to become a company that is doing the right thing... for all of us.


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